Valen Alien release his latest production “Paradise” and get more than 500 thousand views on Spotify!

Paradise is the new Tropical House song by Valen Alien which is captivating the public in the most famous streaming service Spotify.

With a subtle announcement of a new track in his Instagram Account @djvalenalien, Valen Alien showed part of his most recent recording with none other than the talented Teela. As one of the producers top collaborators, and their history of hits together in other projects, this opportune timing comes as no surprise.

The only chance we’ve had to hear of the track so far comes from a 10-second snippet on Valen’s Instagram stories. The Official release was made on Friday 26th, and suddenly many people started following the track by way of likes, retweets, and shares.

Valen Alien – Paradise

Currently, the song is found on all the most famous streaming music platforms including a version of the live song is found on YouTube, which is performed by Valen Alien in one of his presentations at a festival where he played the guitar to the delight of his fans. All eyes and ears are now on the anticipated release of PARADISE which we have no doubt will be a major hit. Valen Alien is expected to begin his live tour once all the musical production he has scheduled for 2019 is finished. As a preview, the date of the official PARADISE video will be announced soon, which is said to have been recorded on the wonderful beaches of Thailand.

Let’s hear what was the launch of PARADISE (live) by Valen Alien in one of his most recent presentations.